Stumptown Lunch News: Mercato closes

Wow, that didn’t last long. We noticed last night that one of the Pearl District’s newest eateries is already out of business. We enjoyed eating at Mercato several times during their eight months in operation, so we are sad to see them go.

In other Stumptown Lunch News, we are working on a review of Five Guys and we urge all of you to remember to vote!

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Review: Mercato


904 NW Couch Street
Portland, OR
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UPDATE: Mercato is now closed.

Wow, I think the Lunch Lady has a new favorite lunch spot in the Pearl. From the big screen TVs behind the counter (when we were there three were displaying the menu and the other was tuned to CNN) to the incredibly friendly waitstaff to the bright and open dining area to the display cases of yummy gelato, paninis, desserts and bottled drink offerings, Mercato is certainly off to a good (and tasty) start! Mercato opened just over a week ago, but they should definitely be on your lunch list.

If there is anything on the downside, it’s the prices. Though the prices are comparable to other Pearl lunch establishments, it’s still on the high side of the StumptownLunch budget. Salads start at $7, paninis go for $9 (including a small mixed greens salad), pizzas start at $10 (these are big, but not really big enough to share if that’s all you’re ordering) and pasta dishes start at $11.  They also offer a wide array of beverages, including espresso, beer and wine. Continue reading Review: Mercato