Stumptown Lunch News: Hooters Beaverton Closes

Looks like there is one less place to get wings at lunch in the Portland area!

The Lunch Lady got word of the closing of the Beaverton Hooters location via the Conan O’Brien Show just tonight (including a lame Beaverton-related joke).

Sadly, upon further research, it sounds like the employees pretty much got screwed over and weren’t told the restaurant was going to close. That’s pretty cold — especially for the gals who wear those skimpy outfits!

The last remaining Hooters location in Oregon is at Jantzen Beach.

Review: Buffalo Wild Wings


Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar (Downtown location)
327 SW Morrison Street
Portland, OR
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buffalowildwings_2.gif  buffalowildwings_4.gif  buffalowildwings_3.gif

I waited patiently for months for Buffalo Wild Wings to open up on SW Morrison. Sure, I could have visited their other location out in Hillsboro, but who really wants to drive that far when there are so many tasty lunch spots closer in? So the very first week they were open, I got my taste buds prepared for the heat and headed in. I mean, who doesn’t love a meal where finger licking is practically required?

At first sight I was a little overwhelmed, the space is huge, the televisions are everywhere and it’s a little bright and loud for my taste (it’s a sports bar, after all), but from the second I stepped through the door the service was impeccable. Continue reading Review: Buffalo Wild Wings