Brunch Review: Pink Rose (The Pearl)

Pink Rose
1300 NW Lovejoy Street
Portland, OR 97209
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Ph: 503-482-2165
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What’s the best part of the weekend? Brunch, of course! But finding an affordable, upscale brunch in Portland (where the wait list time is less than an hour) can be difficult.

So when I recently stopped by Pink Rose in the Pearl for a quick happy hour with friends, a glimpse at their brunch menu and I knew I had to return…soon. Like that very weekend. And I did. [Note: Our server mentioned the bottomless mimosas for just $10—how could I possibly pass that up?!?!]

Seeing that their location is just steps from Stumptown Lunch headquarters, I’d been meaning to try the food at Pink Rose ever since they opened up this past August. Alas, it took the arrival of the cold, wind and rain (and the accompanying “I don’t want to go out in this weather” mood) to get me in the door.

Now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays Pink Rose has a special brunch menu that includes all things meaty, gooey, cheesy, bacon-y and toasty! Seriously, there is something to please just about everyone—although if you are veggie/vegan the options are somewhat limited (although they do seem to make some substitutions upon request).

I started off with a mimosa (obviously) and my brunch buddy started with a big cup of coffee. The coffee arrived with THREE different types of sugar and my oversized glass of chilled champagne and orange juice was pure delightfulness.

I ordered my usual, a breakfast sandwich ($6), and brunch buddy went with the turkey Benedict ($12), both were served with potatoes. The portions were perfect for my appetite—hearty, but not overwhelming. I particularly loved the very fresh avocado on my breakfast sandwich. In fact, everything tasted very fresh. My brunch buddy offered up a taste of his turkey Benedict and it was very flavorful…and completely delicious! We both devoured almost everything on the plate. There were no leftovers!

Pink Rose is a unique underground spot, but the lighting and mirrors make up for the lack of windows. Cozy is the first word that comes to mind. The dining area is small but welcoming. There is also a cool adjoining bar area. Overall, the space has a friendly neighborhood vibe.

Prices are great for brunch, items run from $6 to $12. Service is excellent—although I was a little surprised when I overheard one of the servers say she had no idea what aioli was made of. But best of all—and key to a satisfying brunch experience—we didn’t feel rushed.

My only slight complaint was the lack of salt and pepper at the table. While my breakfast sandwich was completely tasty and perfectly seasoned, I thought the potatoes could use a “kick it up a notch” in the salt department.

Overall, for the prices, the bottomless mimosas and the “roll out of bed and be there in five minutes” factor, we’ll definitely be back!

– Bottomless mimosas for $10!
– Very tasty food
– Friendly service
– They also have a nice, affordable happy hour during the weekdays
– Right on the streetcar line

– Portland makes you pay for parking on the weekends (not Pink Rose’s fault, but don’t forget to feed the meter)
– The location might be a little tricky to find—it’s just under the Office Max
– Note to veggies and vegans: The menu tends to be meat heavy
– A little salt and pepper at the tables would be nice

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