Review: Who-Song and Larry’s Mexican Restaurant

Who-Song and Larry’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina
111 SE Columbia Way
Vancouver, Washington 98661
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[rating: 4.5]

After a morning shopping excursion to Jantzen Beach (found some adorable summertime sandals at Target for $10!), we needed to refuel. It was a sunny Saturday, so why not head over state lines and grab some Mexican food at Who-Song and Larry’s? After all, we hadn’t been to The ‘Couv in like FOREVER!

Well, we weren’t the only ones with the same idea. The parking lot was PACKED. (Note: They share a parking lot with Joe’s Crab Shack.) We circled the parking lot three times before snagging a coveted space.

The restaurant was equally packed, and the hostess said the wait for a table would be at least 20 minutes. So we scooted into the seat-yourself cantina section and plopped our shopped-out selves at a comfy table in the corner.

The service was fast! Within a minute or two our server delivered a basket of tortilla chips and some yummy-zummy salsa and we ordered a round of drinks. Me: margarita on the rocks. He: strawberry lemonade.

As we looked over the menu, we noticed how reasonable the prices were and how large all the plates being delivered to the other tables were!

I chose the grilled chicken and steak skewers served dipping sauces. It also came with a grilled shrimp taco on the side as well as yucca fries, rice and their famous sweet corn cake.

My friend ordered the spinach enchiladas, which came with beans, rice and the sweet corn cake.

We thought we were ordering a light lunch! But the platters of food that arrived at our table were like diving into a Mexican food Thanksgiving-like feast. The food was mouthwatering good and it was hard not to finish off it all off, but there was just too much to eat! Oh, that sweet corn cake! I could eat that everyday!

We both agreed that the food was very yum! And we pondered why we hadn’t been there before.

Our servers were attentive throughout the meal and even a friendly manager came over to ask how our meal was. Super impressive, considering we were in the cantina area rather than the main restaurant!

The most amazing part of the meal, you ask? The bill! All that food, a margarita and bottomless strawberry lemonade was less than $30!

It was the perfect stop for a sunny Saturday lunch. Sure, it would have been cool to sit out on the fabulous patio overlooking the Columbia, but we were completely satisfied and happy with our meal (and we didn’t have to wait 20 minutes).

Pros: Fun atmosphere, great outside seating overlooking the Columbia, tasty food, yummy salsa and chips, very reasonable prices, family friendly

Cons: Can get very crowded, parking can be tough when it’s busy

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2 thoughts on “Review: Who-Song and Larry’s Mexican Restaurant”

  1. some friends had a gathering at whosong & larry for their wedding announcement. I ordered the smallest salad and one beer. It came to $16.00 with $1.00 tip. (I only had 17.00 to my name) I said there is no way they charge 14.00 for a dinner salad, the beer was $2 per the bartender when I ordered it. I questioned the charges, I was told the beer was $6 (some domestic… bud) $8 for the salad. I couldn’t verify the price, the group of 10 only got 3 menus and the waiter took them before all of us could look at them. Musta been a time limit on the menus. So thats how I ended up with a salad cause I thought it would be cheap and didn’t know what else they had. I had never heard of this place now I know why. This was about 8 yrs ago. Of course I have never gone back …could you imagine the loan I’d have to get to eat a complete meal??? I expect these prices from places like ring side & stock pot… but this was a dirty dirty dive. I was told by others waiting to order drinks there, they were there for the cheap drinks (happy hour). Not so cheap when the bill comes! I do still wonder what kind of food they serve but not enough to spend my hard earned cash.

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