Review: Silver Dollar Pizza II

Silver Dollar Pizza II
225 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205
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[rating: 3.5]

I’m not going to try to fool you; Silver Dollar Pizza II is not an upscale restaurant by any means. In fact, the place is pretty much a dive bar, serving up their stiff drinks to the often-smoking and drinking clientele. But there is a good reason to try it out: their pizza is very, very delicious!

I have been coming here off and on for almost two years, and I’ve never had a complaint with the service or the food. Sure, it’s a little bit smoky at times, but what can expect from a bar with a façade of a pizza-serving sports bar? They do in fact have several TVs showing sports, so, yes, I would call it a sports bar.

The menu also offers sandwiches and other stuff (this place is very popular with the local area’s food service crowd), but the pizza is by far my favorite here. It’s super cheesy, the crust is buttery-good and they pile the toppings high and thick. It’s a knife-and-fork pizza in a very good way!

I will be back over and over again. If you can’t stand to be in a smoky bar, skip it. But if you don’t mind the bar atmosphere (jukebox, pool tables and video games included), it’s a hidden pizza gem!

Pros: Great pizza, excellent service, stiff drinks

Cons: If you don’t like to be around smokers don’t bother going, it’s more of a dive bar than a restaurant

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