Review: Rose’s (Lloyd location)

Rose’s Restaurant and Bakery
(Lloyd Center location)
1200 NE Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97232
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[rating: 4.5]

On a recent rainy, dreary Portland day, my lunch partner and I were looking for some hearty comfort food to get us through the bleakness that is fall in the Pacific Northwest. We took off toward Lloyd Center hoping to find something new and, hopefully, really tasty.

Rose’s isn’t exactly a new name in the Portland restaurant scene. The original Rose’s deli and bakery opened in 1956 over on NW 23rd Avenue. Since that time the restaurant has grown to six locations across the metro area. The Lloyd Center location is the newest, which opened in July 2008.

The reason Rose’s has been able to flourish over the past 50 years is simple: the food is great and the service is outstanding. The menu is packed with deli goodness, like Rose’s Famous Reubens, half-pound burgers, specialty sandwiches, pasta dishes, a plethora of salads and tummy-warming soups (including the popular Matzo Ball). And don’t forget the meat-friendly house specialties like pot roast, baby back ribs, meatloaf and pork chops.

When we arrived the restaurant was pretty dead, so we were seated quickly at one of the large booths. The walls of this Rose’s location are lined with flat-screen TVs and there are two quirky Portland-themed murals, which add to the bright and light atmosphere.

We ordered coffee as we were seated and our server was back with our drinks lickety-split, although it took me a bit longer to decide what I wanted from the fantastic menu. I wavered between the teriyaki chicken sandwich, the club sandwich and the roast beef and Swiss melt before finally deciding on the Rose City sandwich (sliced turkey breast, cream cheese and cranberry mustard on sourdough).

My lunch companion made up his mind a little faster and opted for the Uptowner Reuben (a monstrosity combination of corned beef and pastrami weighing close to a pound).

All sandwiches are served with fries, potato salad or coleslaw, or you can upgrade to the seasoned curly fries for an extra $.99.

Our food came out very fast, and the huge sandwich on my plate was overwhelming—I could barely get it in my mouth! But the sandwich itself was very light and refreshing, while still being very filling (I could only finish half and took the rest home). The only thing that would have improved it would have been a little more of the cranberry mustard, but it was simply delightful.

The Uptowner was even larger and dripped with juicy meat, sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing and gooey cheese. I have no idea how he finished it all, but he did. There should be some sort of prize for finishing something that big in one sitting!

Overall, Rose’s is still a go-to spot for some delicious comfort food, especially as our days get shorter, colder and rainier. I will be back again, and I am also looking forward to trying out their mouthwatering breakfast menu.

Pros: Huge menu to select from, delicious food, fast and friendly service, WAY better deli than the overrated Kenny & Zukes, delicious dessert options (if you aren’t already stuffed!)

Cons: Not a lot veggie options aside from salads and a few vegetable and pasta dishes

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