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Five Guys Burger and Fries
2606 SW Cedar Hills Boulevard
Beaverton, OR 97005
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[rating: 4.5]


Having lived in Washington, DC, for several years, I was already familiar with Five Guys and their delicious burgers and yummy fries. But when a friend mentioned the opening of Five Guys in Beaverton, I thought I heard her wrong. A Five Guys in Beaverton? How could that be? When I moved back to Oregon several years ago, I thought I would never experience a delicious Five Guys lunch again.

Sure enough, it was my beloved Five Guys! (They have been franchising the stores for a number of years now and there are more than 1000 stores across the U.S.) So we hopped in the car and headed to the brand new suburban strip mall location.

The line was pretty long and the wait for our order was about 10 minutes, but once we had our scrumptious burgers and a regular-sized order of Cajun fries we were in hamburger heaven.

One thing to note about Five Guys is the portion size—everything is huge. A “standard” burger has TWO hefty patties, so if you aren’t looking for a gut-busting lunch, go with the “little” version. Same goes with the fries, the two of us split the regular size and ended up too full to eat them all. I’m guessing a large size could easily fill a family of four.

There are four versions of the burger to start with: plain hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger and bacon cheeseburger. After you pick your “base” burger, you get to select your own toppings: mayo, relish, onions, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mustard, jalapenos, green peppers, A-1 Sauce, barbeque sauce and hot sauce are all available.

Prices are very moderate, burgers range from $3.39 for a “little” hamburger to $5.89 for the bacon cheeseburger. Fries will set you back an additional $2.69 or $3.59 depending on the size. Considering what you get at the typical chain fast food places, Five Guys is a hands-down winner.

While you wait for your order’s number to be shouted out, you can enjoy the complimentary peanuts, available in the cardboard boxes located throughout the restaurant.

My “little” cheeseburger had mayo, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard, and it was very filling. My lunch companion, a Five Guys virgin, was a little surprised by the size of his double-patty cheeseburger, but dove right into the messy, multi-level meat and cheese monstrosity.

One thing my lunch companion complained about was that his bun was a little doughy and he would have preferred it toasted. My only issue was that the fries, while very tasty, were a little limpy. Granted, the restaurant hasn’t been open very long, so these might just be kinks they are working through.

The restaurant itself is bright, airy and clean. The walls are covered with Five Guys framed press clippings and the while restaurant is decorated in a festive red and white design. And, while the line to order was a little long, we had no trouble finding a table.

Not to be overly critical, but this is Oregon after all, and some of the practices of the restaurant are not all that environmentally friendly. All Five Guys restaurants follow the same procedures, serving the burgers wrapped in aluminum foil, the fries served in Styrofoam cups and all order are served in brown paper bags (even if you are not getting take-out).

Overall, Five Guys is a welcome addition to the burger world of Portland, and I know I will be back many, many times.

Pros: Delicious burgers and fries, fresh ingredients, good selection of toppings, portions are HUGE, prices are budget-friendly

Cons: Wait for our order was a tad long (about 10 minutes), they could be a little more environmentally friendly

Check out the Five Guys menu.

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45 thoughts on “Review: Five Guys Burgers and Fries”

  1. I tried them today and was not that impressed. The burger was overcooked and for the price you can find something a lot better around town.

    The fries were good but VERY greasy. The style of the store was nice and the service was great.

    Food I would give it 2.5 out of 5.

  2. Five Guys has to be one of the worst burger places I’ve ever eaten at, and I’ve had them across the globe. Not only was the food bland and soaked in grease, but the whole place felt cheap. When we finally got our order, everything was smashed down in a bag and squished flat.

    Just to give you an idea of how greasy everything was, the fires were burned to a crisp (their definition of Cajun style I guess) but were still soggy from being in the bag with the burgers! I can’t see a place this bad surviving for long and I can only hope something half-way decent takes it’s place in the next six months –makes me miss the Burger King that used to be down the road. A friggin’ White Castle would be a huge improvement over Five Guys any day. Rating: 0/5

  3. Oh how I wish I had discovered you BEFORE my first trip. I have so many friends on the east coast who told me I HAD to eat five guys. But I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered so I got a double, way too much, and the fries were OK. Maybe I was turned off by the Styrofoam cup, but I will be back, because the burger was, quite simply, delicious!! Next time I’ll order a small!

  4. I went twice and was severely dissapointed both times. The burgers were mediocre and overcooked, the fries were greasy and overcooked, and both times it took over 20 minutes to get my food. While waiting, I had to suffer through bad 70’s music, and the cooks yelling out something incomprehensible from time to time.

    Five guys? I’d settle for one guy who knew how to make a burger and fries and not take 20 minutes to do it.

  5. Five Guys is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I try to get some about every weekend? Love the fries. Burgers are amazing.

  6. I love it. I go once or twice a week. Place is loud, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Fries are great, but need some ketchup and quite a bit of salt. Eat the fries there, they don’t keep that well on to-go orders. Personally I eat a double cheeseburger and split a large fry with 1 other person. The meat is great, bun is good, vegetables outstanding. One thing that’s a pain is that the patty sometimes falls apart a little (but that’s because they make it to order).

    Sean, I don’t see it closing any time soon. Go within 2 hours of meal time and it’s PACKED. I’ve passed by at 9 o clock and it was packed. Five Guys is here to stay! West Linn location opening soon, the manager at Cedar Hills also told me that new stores are planned for Tigard and Tanasbourne this year.

  7. I cannot say enough about this place. I appriciate the low key atmostphere and the simple menu. The burgers are amazing and the fries blow me away. It has been either packed or really busy everytime I have been there. There is a reason it is so busy, it is simply amazing.

  8. I haven’t been yet, but I’ve tried to call around dinner time a few times & no one answers the phone. They may have wrong number on national website, but my email to the chain also went unaswered. I’m trying to find out how early they open so I can bring some guys from work to try it (the comments of slowness & busy-ness on this website make me want to arrive as early as possible since it’s a long drive from our work in NE PDX), but if the in-house service is as bad as trying to contact them, I guess we can skip it. Apparently they don’t need everyone’s business.

  9. Go experience this East coast chain and realize that food cooked in peanut is the best you will ever taste! Yes, it is a little more spendy because the oil does cost more but goodness, do you get your moneys worth!!! This isn’t fast food because all food is cooked to order so feast on the free salted shelled peanuts while you wait! Order a large fries served in a brown bag (as are all orders) and the fries are spilling over the cup so much I’m sure they just dump a whole extra scoop of them in there! 15 free toppings so make your perfect burger and while you wait listen to the pumping music and the crew behind the cookline shout “Five Guys Burgers and Fries”. It really does have a very nice family atmosphere and lots of energy with the employees enthusiastic about what they do and by no means the dull of late bored staff experience of Mickey D or even Burgerville (sorry Burgerville but that’s been my experience recently). Go try it; I go off the beaten track when I’m near Beaverton to eat there, and a new location will be opening at Exit 6, I-205 this week. Perfect for me as I live in the OC!

  10. Burnsie, I understand that they have been overwhelmed by the business that they have received so maybe thats why they havent answered your calls. You can always fax. I also hear that they have the highest grossing store in the nation by a huge margin!

  11. I went to the new location in West Linn and let’s just say I am not impressed. I paid $8 for a cheeseburger and fries and found both very bland. When I saw the prices, my first thought is it must be amazing food. I was wrong.

    A friend of mine told me that 5 Guys ranks up there with In-N-Out Burger. I will tell him thanks for the practical joke.

    I have no good reason to go back.

  12. We tried the West Linn store, meh, it was ok. The burger was fine but nothing spectacular. The fries while fresh cut were overcooked and over salted (Roakes is still a hands down winner for fries). My main issue was with the price. Almost 30 bucks for a family of four and only one of us got the regular burger (everyone else had a small burger), and we shared one large fry. I don’t see the value for the money and frankly, Wendy’s are just as good and half the price. I don’t think we will make this a repeat performance.

  13. What a disappointment! Part of the hype is true– The ground beef patty is hand formed, and the fries appear to be hand cut & fried in peanut oil. So what’s missing? FLAVOR!

    My burger’s patty was virtually tasteless, almost like it had been boiled or microwaved. Perhaps they store their raw patties in a way that allows too much of the “juices” to run out, or over-press them on the grill. And it certainly didn’t help flavorwise that the meat surface was barely browned. As for the fries– I have no idea how one could hand-cut potatoes, fry them in peanut oil and have them turn out so bland! It was a first for me.

    Either people back East don’t expect much from their burgers, or this concept simply didn’t franchise out well. I’m guessing it’s the latter. Luckily we have plenty of locals here that can hit the sweet spot when we’re jonesing for a good greasy burger & fries!

  14. Food is pretty good. The dog I had was better than the burger. As far as environmentally friendly…….please just rate the food without ecological pontification.

  15. Their burgers and fries were absolutely fabulous. But it was a bit too expensive. About 20, 25 dollars for just 4 people. I can go to The Golden Corral for about that much for me and my family and get 10 times the food.

    But, i would go there again, IF, they would lower the price just a tad.

  16. I searched this site to get an idea on the pricing for five guys, never thought i’d read down to the reviews! I live in Boise, and Five Guys is right next to one of the best burger joints in town. They do spectacular! And their food is really good…For those who go in expecting a five star perfect burger, Red Robin or something of that nature is probably where you should have gone instead! For a greasy, fatty burger this is the place to go! It’s simple and energetic. Quit the bashing on them, they’re obviously doing well or they wouldn’t have much business. If you don’t like it, like said before, there are plenty of other places to eat! Let people decide for themselves.


  18. I tried them today for the first time after hearing so much and was not that impressed. The burger had no flavor to it, i mean a little salt, garlic, pepper would of helped, meat was overcooked dry and for the price $5.00 just for the burger you can find something a lot better. The fries were ok but VERY greasy.

  19. I had a little burger for the first time today and was disappointed. It was lukewarm even though it came pretty fast. Also the patty seemed overwhelmed by everything even tho I only had 3 toppings. Worst of all, the bottom half of the bun started disintegrating the moment I started eating it… so, I might try again but not a good 1st experience. CW

  20. Today I ate at Five Guys for the first time. I was certainly unimpressed. The single cheese burger was only okay, with a good patty and fresh veggies. Otherwise, both the bun and patty were too small. The bun was mediocre white bread. The Cajun fries (I hear they are given rave reviews) were terrible: I sniffed the fries while still in the bag and got a nose-full of an overpowering spice (maybe coriander or cumin – I’m not sure). This odor remained and tainted the entire meal.

    I will definitely not go back to Five Guys and will tell my friends that it is a waste of their money.

  21. After reading all the reviews, I was ready to try 5 Guys. I LOVE great burgers and all the reviews I read raved about the place. I was fairly disappointed on many levels. I tried the new location in Pleasant Hill, CA. The staff wasn’t as energetic as any of the IN n Out’s I’ve tried. They weren’t bad, they just didn’t seem very happy. The Burger was very good and they have a number of toppings to add. The Cajun fries I’d heard raved about tasted like french fries dusted in spices and I wouldn’t recommend them. I didn’t see an option for milk shakes which I love with burgers. The price was about 1/3 more for the equivelant meal from In N Out, on a par with Bill’s Place in San Francisco which is hands down better than either chain.

    All and all, I’ll give them one more try and chalk this up to growing pains. After that, if they don’t measure up, I’ll stick to In N Out for fast burgers.

  22. The food was great, but won’t be back. I hate over cooked meat, all I wanted was a medium cooked hamburger and they told me, well done only. It is sad, it was a good cheese and bacon hamburger and the fries were great also.

    If you don’t cook things how people want them they won’t be back.

  23. Wow, What can I say? I heard all of the 5 Guys Hype and decided to give them a try. Unfortunately the burger was overcooked, Dry and flavorless, I had the Overcooked and crunchy fries and they still did nothing to compare to in and out fresh fries. The worst thing was about 10 min after I left 5 guys, the meal I just had wanted to be free! so I had to make a quik pitstop home to drop them off at the pool.. Sorry.. But normally when you have a bad meal, your body wants to get it the heck out of it! .. Probably wont be back..

  24. Absolutely tasteless burgers and fries. Cheap, stale buns, thin bargain basement bacon, unripened tomatos, fake pasty cheese, greasy unremarkable patties. The fries seemed to have been made from wood pulp instead of potatoes. Would never eat there again, even if it was free. The fact that this place is always busy says a lot about the ignorance of our society in general.

  25. Tried it, won’t go back.

    It was like eating warm cardboard, talk about bland. I can make a better burger at home in a frying pan, at least it would taste good. I don’t get what some of these people are talking about when they say they loved it. it doesn’t take much to please some people, but it does to those who know what a real burger taste like. ohh yea I almost forgot, the price. what a joke that is, $10 on a burger and fries! when I’m out and I feel like spending $10 on a burger I’ll just go to Red Robin.

  26. I go by the 3 strikes and you are out philosophy. Went to 3 different locations. I love a good burger, a food of the Gods. All three times it was terrible. The meat was overcooked and dry, it was falling apart as I ate it. It had no taste at all. I only got fries the first time because they were tasteless. Terribly overpriced, terribly underflavored. Never again.

  27. Just had my first five guys experience and was underwhelmed after hearing such rave reviews. The cheeseburger was super greasy and the meat was lost in all the toppings (I had mine “all the way”). The white bun soaked up most of the grease and fell apart after 2 bites. The Cajun fries were perfectly cooked, but waaaaaay over-seasoned…though it was a huge portion. $11.50 for a cheeseburger, Cajun fries and regular drink = just not worth it. I might try a different location one day.

  28. Purchased a “veggie sandwich”. Would you like onion and mushrooms with that? No thanks. I should have taken it. All that was on the bun was a piece of lettuce a tomato and mayo! Huh?!?!?! No veggie burger patty? So for $2.58 I got a glass of water, a bun with a tomato slice, a piece of lettuce and mayo. Oh and a handle of peanuts! I though all toppings were free- so I guess I paid $2.58 for a twenty-five cent roll. So if you want a meat-alternative don’t choose the veggie sandwich

  29. What a CHEAP RATE place…! They SUCK, BIG TIME! You get your “expensive stuff” and I mean expensive, because you can’t get a regular gurger, fries and drink for under $11.00!!! And it comes in a “bag”. You don’t even get a plastic basket with a tissue paper on it for your fries. What cheap skates!! They can take their “five guys” and hang ’em high for being such a ripoff! Anybody who thinks these are good SUCKS!

  30. Overpriced and overcooked.

    Actually, the price would have been acceptable had the burgers not had the life (and the taste) cooked out of them. No option to have them cooked to taste.

    The fries were greasy but I liked them.

    REAL cheese, instead of “processed cheese food product” slices would have been much better, too.

  31. Do not waste you money on Five Guys’ garbage!

    I had lunch at Five Guys in Newport News, VA today and was very disappointed about its food ans service:

    1. The burger is the worst I have ever had-full of ligaments, membranes, tendons and other connective tissues. I just could not swallow it. I never seen this in Wendy’s, Burger King, or McD burgers.

    2. The burger was dry and broken into small pieces. The grill person pressed the patties too hard for quick cooking and serving. The meat in the center of my patties was still pink.

    3. The bun was cold. May be it was rush hour, and the grill was not hot enough to warm the buns.

    4. For $11.30, I got a bag of low quality hamburger, fries, and a drink, which I could easily get from Wendy’s, BK or McD for $7.00.

    5. The dining area was congested with many bags of peanuts were piled in the area.

    The only positive thing there was its free peanuts. But I got there for hamburger, not peanuts.

  32. I’m eating this now. Pathetic bacon burger. The meat was very bland(Even mcdonald has more flavour) and the bacon…well was physically there but didn’t feel like it was in my mouth when I bit in. I don’t understand how this even got a 3 here.

  33. 5 guys cannot compete with In-n-out….prices, quality, speed, simplicity and consistency cannot be beat. Not a wonder that 5 guys don’t flood markets already owned by I-n-O.

    Make mine a Double Double animal style anytime!

  34. Not impressed , the burgers are average at best ,almost exactly like Wendys (almost flavorless), and over priced at almost $ 7.00 and the fries were the most overpriced ($ 4.95) , overhyped dissapointment . The restaurant , overall , was clean and neat but I can only attribute that to the lack of patrons and the staff was friendly and attentive but overall it was like Sonic or Wendys where you just HAVE to try it once and then never go back.
    I’m going to give this place a 3 out of 5

  35. personally, this place is like heaven to me. i absolutely love how while you wait they allow you to have peanuts. the perfect food to get me to want a burger. its like being at a ballgame! yum! i love this place!!

  36. Today we decided to visit Five Guys for the first time and it will probably be the last time. Much too expensive $24.00 for two people which include a burger, fries and drink for each of us. The extra fries they just threw in the bag made the bag so greasy that I couldn’t ‘t even eat the fries after I saw all that grease, so the fries ended up in the trash. The only thing I really enjoyed were the free peanuts even though they kept the box of peanuts on top of the trash can . From now on we’ll stick to BK and mcDonalds , at least the food is better and no tip jar.

  37. Decided to check out the Five Guys today and I was not impressed to say the least. Patty pressed to death on the grill so no juices were left in it, bland, over cooked. Asked for the weight of the patty and was told that they can’t tell me that and then pointed to the grill and said “That size”. At the price they were asking I should be able to know how much each patty weighs before being cooked.
    Fries were greasy. I had the Cajun ones and they were coated in a red dust (don’t know what spices were used) and didn’t taste that great. Way too many. They need a SMALL size.
    Over $12 for a Cheese Burger, Fries and Drink.
    Cheese was that processed American Singles from Kraft (or that’s what it tasted like) and for the price you would think they would use some real cheese! Chopped lettuce (and I got lots of the white stem on my burger). I don’t like McDonalds but I would go there before going back to Five Guys.
    Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me and I don’t plan to be fooled again!

  38. I have the perfect solution, what doesn’t every and I mean every restaurant that exists right now all across the usa to just close down completely because it’s obvious from the comments of everyone who is sitting in front of a computer hates and hates and hates and hates everything. If every restaurant would close then maybe people would just shut up.

  39. Why don’t you guys just be quiet! Five guys is awesome! There portions are HUGE!!! So if you don’t want all lot than order a little burger the drinks are really big with unlimited refills. All though it can no replace my double double with a milkshake, it’s my second favorite fast food. I love it. Plus you can eat free peanuts, the bathrooms are clean and every one is soooooooo nice! I love5g!!!!!!!! =) =.

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