Review: Fire on the Mountain (East Burnside)

Fire on the Mountain
1708 East Burnside
Portland, Oregon 97214
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[rating: 4.5]

Wings, oh, lovely wings! Who doesn’t love a great wings place, right? Sure, you could trek out to the lone Hooters left in Oregon at Jantzen Beach, but for a great local wings place, you really should visit Fire on the Mountain—which now has two locations. Not only are the wings great, but the selection of sauces is outstanding.

Portland was a little behind the wings trend for years and years, and Fire on the Mountain’s initial location on North Interstate was really the first GOOD wing-specializing place in town (seriously, you can’t count Hooters, puh-lease) when they opened up in 2005. The original location is teeny-tiny, so if you go be prepared to wait for a table or just order take-out. The new East Burnside location is larger and very airy, but it’s also known to fill up fast during lunchtime.

When you approach the counter to give your order, you can actually taste-test the sauces on small pieces of celery. This is a great way to try out any sauces you might usually be afraid to try on an entire order of wings, so go ahead, dip that celery stick in “El-Jefe” and let the burning sensation begin.

Yep. That’s exactly what I did the first time I stopped by Fire on the Mountain, and since that mouth-steaming experience, I try to trick any newbie in the lunch group into doing the same thing. Funny thing is, some people like it that hot! Me? Not so much.

I do like my wings spicy, flavorful and hot, and I like them dripping with sauce, and that’s exactly what you can expect at Fire on the Mountain. My favorite sauces are the Hot, the Sweet BBQ, the Bourbon Chipotle and, of course, the Spicy Peanut! I’ve also tried most of the others and they are good too. They also offer two rotating sauces per month.

The wings themselves are big. On a recent visit my lunch companion was feeling ambitious and decided that we would share 18 wings and a small order of tater tots (which isn’t all that small). I devoured as many as I could, but we still left a few wings untouched.

Fire on the Mountain offers something unique for the veggie crowd out there; the infamous Portland Wings are meatless and just as tasty with the same sauce options as the regular wings.

If you aren’t in the mood for finger-licking at lunch, Fire on the Mountain also offers a wide array of non-wing options. The munchie menu includes everything from tater tots to sweet potato fries to fried pickles. Then there are also an array of salads, sandwiches, specialty dishes and a kids’ menu. This restaurant has a very crowd-pleasing menu.

Pros: Great sauce selection, they offer veggie wings, fried pickles(!), good beer selection, very family friendly

Cons: Can get crowded, they should serve the wings with a wet nap (or three!)

Additional location:
Fire on the Mountain (North Portland)
4225 North Interstate Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217

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3 thoughts on “Review: Fire on the Mountain (East Burnside)”

  1. I honestly thought this place sucked. I went for the first time last night and the service was horrible, the waitress was so rude, I thought she was kidding at first. If you think this place had good wings – you obviously don’t get out much.

  2. I go here whenever I’m in the mood for wings since there aren’t many good options in Portland. I think the service gets worse with every visit. I’m absolutely sick of the rude waittresses. I won’t be going back..

  3. Buffalo Wings are not supposed to be dripping with sauce. I learned how to make them from a Buffalo Native named Bill Maguire. The sauce shouldn’t only be hot sauce either… you saute hot sauce, a bit of Worchesershire, Beau Monde, and a pat of REAL butter. Now pour all that into a bowl. Take 10-12 of your fried wings, put em in the empty sauce pan, pour about a tablespoon of the sauce onto the wings, put the tight fitting lid on and shake like hell. They should be almost dry to the touch… really, eating wings should not require a firehose to clean up. We’re trying to have a civilization here.

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