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Biscuits Café
460 SW Miller Road
Portland, Oregon 97225
(503) 297-3880
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[rating: 1.5]


What do you order at a place called Biscuits Café? Biscuits, of course! Even though it was definitely lunchtime, I decided to opt for a little bit of breakfast for my midday meal. I ordered the biscuits and gravy with a side of hash browns.

The menu at Biscuits Café goes way beyond biscuits. They offer a large selection of breakfast item, including omelets, pancakes, French toast and waffles. The lunch menu includes burgers, fish and chips, sandwiches and salads.

The restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch, but the entire menu is available until they close. Unfortunately, even with lunchtime breakfast options, I don’t think I’ll be going back.

The restaurant’s motto is “We don’t serve fast food…we serve fresh food as fast as we can!” Sadly, they’re just not all that fast.

My lunch companion and I were seated quickly as it wasn’t all that busy, but the service was BEYOND SLOW. We waited probably a good 15 minutes before the waitress took our order, then what seems like forever before we got our food. For a meal that should have been less than 30 minutes, we were there for at least an hour!

The food was just average and seemed a little pricey for a diner-type eatery. My lunch companion ordered a halibut burger from the special’s menu, and the bun easily overwhelmed the little piece of fried halibut. My biscuits and gravy were so-so, but the gravy quickly turned gluey. 

Overall, it wasn’t the worst dining experience ever, but it was far from the best. There was really no reason for such snail-speed service. As far as the food goes, I think I would rather go to Denny’s, Shari’s or IHOP next time I’m craving breakfast at lunchtime.

Pros: Serves breakfast menu during lunch, multiple locations

Cons: Service was very slow, food was just mediocre, seemed a little overpriced

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  1. My daughter and I had breakfast last weekend. We were seated quickly. The busboy brought our flatware and got our drinks going. From there it went down hill. Our waittress did not get the order quite right. Our food arrived quickly. Juice was forgotten but couldn’t get anyone’s attention until the waittress brought the bill. Never asked if everything was all right. Then I discovered a hair in my biscuit. This grossed me out but again could not get anyone’s attention for the longest time. Finally we flagged someone, she noted my complaint, asked if I wanted another biscuit, then quickly took our money to pay our bill and that was it. No apologies. We already felt ignored and now was hustled out before we could make a fuss. Won’t go back and we will tell our friends to avoid this place. Customer service was definitely lacking. Needless to say finding a hair in a biscuit in a place called Biscuits—doesn’t say much for this place.

  2. Easily one of the most outstanding breakfast places I have ever eaten. I have tried the biscuits & gravy there and have nothing but rave reviews. This stuff is made fresh every morning, not canned like those other places. Service was/is great and my family has probably frequented the place 20 times since its opened, never a complaint. The orange juice is to die for! Huge omelets, and french toast they call “big sky” since its from the Montana Wheat farms all whole grains bakery. Not sure what happened to these other patrons but I have yet to encounter a problem although I’m sure not everyone is perfect everyday. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

  3. What a spot on review. I gave Biscuits three tries in the last week in three different locations, and the service was awful every single time. The food is bland at best, how can you name your eatery “biscuits” when your biscuits are so mediocre? Their gravy is actually pretty good and makes the biscuits and gravy worthwhiile, but that’s the only thing we had that was above par. The waffles were lousy, the joes scramble inedible. Every location is under-staffed, the food is over-priced. Never going back.

  4. Wonderful breakfast place my wife and I frequent each weekend. Have never had an issue with service or the food. These guys just keep growing here in the northwest and its obvious why. A great meal, good price and service! You must give them a try.

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