Review: Muchas Gracias Mexican Food


Muchas Gracias Mexican Food (Lake Oswego location)
3970 Mercantile Drive #180
Lake Oswego, OR
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Wow. I really wonder why it took me so long to discover the cheesy goodness that is Muchas Gracias Mexican restaurants. There are actually more than 30 locations dotted across Oregon and Washington, but until yesterday I’d never even been to one! Actually, I don’t even think I’d even heard of the Muchas Gracias restaurants before yesterday.

You see, yesterday I pulled up to my restaurant of choice (an Italian sandwich shop) only to discover the place was closed down and about to be auctioned off next week! So, without any backup plan, I ended up at Muchas Gracias by chance.

What a delightful surprise. I splurged and ordered the bean and cheese burrito, the cheese quesadilla and an order of chips with guacamole. All of that rang up to less than $10! The food was massive-I would have been full eating any one of those items alone (yes, I took most of it home)! The burrito was delicious and huge. The quesadilla was packed with gooey cheese. The chips and guacamole was practically a meal on its own, and the quac was fresh, fresh, fresh!

The Lake Oswego location itself is nothing fancy, but the interior was clean and cheery. There is plenty seating, both indoors and outside. The service was very friendly and the food arrived super-duper fast.

The menu is large and quite varied. There are 19 different combination plate meals that come with rice and beans (none over $7) as well as lots of ala carte items like burritos (breakfast burritos are served all day), tacos, tortas, enchiladas and tostadas. If you are a fan of North Portland staple Javier’s you must check out one of the many Muchas Gracias locations, this is some great Tex-Mex!

Overall, this is a terrific lunch spot if you are in a hurry, looking for something inexpensive and good food to fill up your belly.

Pros: Great Mexican food, excellent prices, several locations in the Portland metro area

Cons: Food was just a little greasy

Muchas Gracias menu to come!

11 thoughts on “Review: Muchas Gracias Mexican Food”

  1. I went to Mucho Gracias Mexican Restaurant today and after i found out they short changed my friend, i found a pubic hair in my burrito!

    I will never go to Mucho Gracias Mexican Restaurant ever again!

  2. I love Muchas Gracias food !!! We have been eating there for years now. Both locations in Grants Pass, Oregon and in Klamath Falls, Oregon… They are all GREAT!!! And you get alot for your money…

  3. If you like authentic mexican food this place is excellent. Their food is comparable to the food my Mexican nanny made for us. If you don’t, stick with Taco Bell.

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