Review: Ford’s on Fifth (now Theo’s)


Ford’s on Fifth (renamed Theo’s)
121 NW Fifth Avenue
Portland, OR
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To be honest, I discovered the deliciousness that is Ford’s on Fifth very late one night when several friends and I were in great need of some greasy grub before calling it a night. But I was happily surprised to discover Ford’s is also a great place to grab lunch during the week.

Ford’s specializes in meat—burgers and steak sandwiches dominate the menu—but they do offer salads (yes, they offer a Caprese salad!), a veggie burger and a veggie melt if you are dining with someone who, ya know, doesn’t eat animals.

But if you are looking for a great burger, this is THE place to go. The patties are huge! This is one place where the burger patty is so large it’s actually bigger than the bun! And, seriously, I could eat their buns alone all day long. They toast them and then smear them with an awesome garlic mayonnaise. It’s almost addictive. When someone I’m with says, “Hey, let’s go to Ford’s,” forget the diet, I can devour one of their tasty burgers in record time.

If you are a cheese lover, try the Cheesy Burger, it’s topped with cheddar, provolone and Swiss cheese. Yum! For those who love their fungi, go with the Mushroom Swiss. I know several people who swear by this burger’s grilled mushrooms and gooey Swiss cheese. For the adventurous and the really hungry, try the Heart Stopper, it has three patties, three slices of bacon, three cheeses and a fried egg on top! Damn, that’s a burger!

Beyond the variety of burgers, Ford’s also offers nine different steak sandwiches, which you can buy by the half or the whole.

They don’t serve fries at Ford’s, but once you get a taste of the red potato salad you’ll forget all about French fries! I’m not a huge potato salad fan, so I used to pick one of their other side options (green salad or Tim’s Cascade potato chips), but once I tried the stuff, I was hooked! The potatoes are chopped into large pieces and they seem to go a little lighter on the mayo than most places. It’s darn delicious!

The dining area is clean and comfortable, and I’ve never had trouble getting a seat. Ford’s is a place to go for the good, hearty food. It might not be dieter-friendly, but the food is definitely worth the trip.

Pros: Garlic mayonnaise (!), yummy red potato salad, big and tasty burgers, open late night on the weekends

Cons: Odd hours on the weekends (opens later on Saturday and closed on Sunday), not a huge selection for veggies, finding parking can be tricky in Old Town

Download the Ford’s menu: page 1, page 2, page 3

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