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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar (Downtown location)
327 SW Morrison Street
Portland, OR
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I waited patiently for months for Buffalo Wild Wings to open up on SW Morrison. Sure, I could have visited their other location out in Hillsboro, but who really wants to drive that far when there are so many tasty lunch spots closer in? So the very first week they were open, I got my taste buds prepared for the heat and headed in. I mean, who doesn’t love a meal where finger licking is practically required?

At first sight I was a little overwhelmed, the space is huge, the televisions are everywhere and it’s a little bright and loud for my taste (it’s a sports bar, after all), but from the second I stepped through the door the service was impeccable.

During my first visit the servers were still training, but our waiter was impressive, helping us select from the 14 different wing sauces and offering his suggestions from the rest of the menu. My lunch companion and I decided to split 18 sauce-spun wings (you can choose a different sauce for every 6 wings you order) and a basket of Buffalo Chips. They also gave us both bleu cheese and ranch dressing! It was the perfect size meal, and the prices weren’t wallet-busting either, it’s pretty easy to eat here for $10 or less per person.

On my latest visit we ended up there on a whim after checking out a movie at Pioneer Place. Instead of just escalating down to the food court, we hoped across the street for some wings. It was really busy, but we decided to sit in the “seat yourself” bar area and quickly found an empty table. Now, it was really busy, and most of the tables were full, so the service was a tad bit slow, but no slower than any other busy restaurant at lunchtime on a weekend—especially one near Pioneer Place. But as soon as we had our order in, the food was out lickety-split! Only one problem, our very nice waiter forgot to put in our order of potato wedges. Not only did he apologize and get them for us, but he also took the amount off our bill!!! Who does that anymore? We certainly weren’t expecting that kind of service, and, needless to say, we tipped a bit more for the gesture.

Yes, I know Buffalo Wild Wings is a Minneapolis-based chain restaurant, but they are very new to us here in Stumptown. I’ve included them here because the food is really, really good (i.e., skip the blandness that is Hooters and come here!). I like my wings spicy, and they met that challenge!

I’ve tried the Spicy Garlic, the Mango Habanero, the Asian Zing and the Wild sauces, and I can’t say anything bad about them—except to be sure to have a glass of water (or a beer) on hand! I am dying to go back to try out the Parmesan Garlic, the Teriyaki and the Caribbean Jerk. I really like that the wings are crispy on the outside, not greasy, and covered with sauce. You will definitely need your wet nap at the end of the meal. All wings are served with celery and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese (or both).

If you are coming as a group, order up a bunch of different sauces on the wings and pick out an appetizer or two, and share. It makes the meal more economical and more fun!

If you aren’t a wings fan, don’t fret! The menu is great and includes burgers, ribs, sandwiches, wraps and salads. I have seen the size of their burgers and sandwiches, so be prepared to take some home!

Overall, be prepared for lots of sports action, because it’s impossible to miss, but if you like wings, you’ve GOT to try this place. Just be sure to get enough napkins!

Pros: Great wings (mild to spicy), excellent service, quick seating, great place to share a meal, huge menu, affordable, across the street from Pioneer Place and in Hillsboro, where else can you lick your fingers in public?

Cons: A little bright, can get loud and crowded when games are on

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15 thoughts on “Review: Buffalo Wild Wings”

  1. I think it is general knowledge that they have over priced food, so you would think they would focus on the experience.
    The greeter looked angry to have to deal with us, the waitress got us drinks and did not return for 25 minutes. The soda was watered down, and they insisted we pay for it anyway even though we had ordered $50 worth of food. We had not received our food yet after waiting 45 minutes in a half empty restaurant so we paid for the drinks and left. The manager came after us screaming, saying the food had been ready and we had to pay for it. She got the wait staff to barricade us in the restaurant. She screamed at us for a good 5 minutes. She called the police and said “you will pay or you will be arrested and you will go to jail!”

    5 police cars showed up, a clear sign that she had over exaggerated the situation. We talked to the police and they told the manager she had no right to stop us from leaving, and that diners can leave if they are unhappy with their service and no food has been eaten.

    I know this sounds too crazy to be true, but it is.

    We called the restaurant later that night & spoke with the general manager who did little to rectify the situation.

    The website doesn’t have a customer service number, email address, or address which is a sign to me that they just don’t care.

    There are too many places to get wings for less and have a better time. It just doesn’t make sense to go there, unless it is the only bar in your town.

  2. Sonia Tonz, the General Manager at Buffalo Wild Wings in Colonial Hts VA displayed poor managerial skills and terrible customer service qualities. Recently I applied for a position at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I was told to come in for an interview. Once the interview was over Sonia told me that nothing was available for the cashier position but” I will like for you to be train for the bartending position and I will have the outgoing bartender contact A.S.A.P so you can be trained”. Two weeks went by, I didn’t receive a call from Buffalo Wild Wings, so I called Buffalo Wild Wings to check the status of the position from the information I was told on the previous interview, when I was cut off abruptly and hung up on. I thought that was extremely rude and unprofessional. If the position was already filled or if they weren’t looking for new personal they could have politely told me before or after the interview or when I called them two weeks later they could have let me know over the phone, instead of wasting my time and rudely hanging up in my face. I used to like eat at Buffalo Wild Wings all the time, after the way I been treated I have to second guess their business as a franchise. Leadership starts at the top, if that’s how the General Managers treat people, it will surely trickle down to the rest of the staff. I ‘ am pretty sure nothing will come from this message but something should be fixed in the Buffalo Wild Wings organization, because nobody deserves to treated in such a horrific manner, I will be contacting the local news because in a time where jobs are scarce a person shouldn’t have to fill so low for trying to get a job.

  3. I go along with bad choice food is over priced the place has to many tv ‘s going with sports-that’s right not all of us support an individual who has the capability of bouncing a ball down a hardwood floor and throwing it through a ring on the wall and get paid millions a year.yep he’s really done something for this country -back to the food wings were okay nothing to brag about -they gave me just enough celery sticks to cover the bottom of a french fry dish(maybe five real short sticks and here’s the kicker -when I asked for more they said there would be an additional charge–I said no thanks let me pay and I’m out of here–From now on it’s Zaxaby’s right next door to buffaloe at the Knightdale NC location

  4. We ate at this place in Flagstaff Az service was poor slow and rude the hot wings was smotherd in hot sause you could scrape it off and use it again, I dare say that my wife and i will never ever eat there again.

  5. Wow looks like all the overcritical douchebags hit this one up! I see a hurried tightass, an unemployable scumbag, and an anti-sports freak all making negative reviews.

    Look – I’m no huge sports fan, but BWW does exactly what it sets out to do with huge projection screens, relatively cheap food, and fun beer drinking atmosphere. I came into the pioneer place location with a group of 6, was seated within a minute, downed my beer and wings and left satisfied in under an hour… what else could you ask of a SPORTSbar?

  6. I ate at buffalo wild wing’s the other day,you call that a wild wing I call it a joke,not to mention talk about bad service!!I love my wings but I well never eat there again!

  7. Me and a couple friends went to buffalo wild wings the other day and were treated horribly to say the least. We ordered take out and we’ve ordered take out before and we were kind of expecting to wait a bit and didn’t have a problem with waiting at all. Me and my boyfriend ordered one order each of boneless wings and waited about an hour. I finally got my wings but my boyfriend had to wait another 20-25 minutes and at that point we were a little irritated.He finally got his wings and the waitress dropped them and gave him the wrong order. He ordered boneless, like i said, and was given traditional. We were extremely annoyed at this point and wanted to be compensated somehow so we asked to speak with a manager. His name is Clint Lockheart and he then told us, in a very rude tone, he’s busy and doesn’t know what to tell us. We then asked for our money back and he refused and said to me “F**k you, you little b***h get the f***k out of my store” he then grabbed me by the arm and i told him to get off of me and got out of there quickly. I am in the process of filing a police report for the physical harassment but I want to inform people and warn them about this violent environment at 415 South Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80226-3132. Do not take your children or family here.

  8. This place sucks. If want a place to drink and watch a game then fine. But if you want ANY kind of food quality then avoid this place. I had a burger that tasted like a Costco patty burned to death in the microwave. I can get a better burger on the $1 menu of any fast food joint.

  9. Well we were asked 3 different times in 5 minutes “how many people are in your party” there were only 2 of us standing there. After being seated my husband and I looked over the menu and had decided on a drink and our meal as well. 20 minutes later we ha to ask for a waitress to take our order. It took another 5 minutes for one to come over. There were plenty of servers and some I them were cleaning. Ugh. By the time we were fed up we were determined to leave and when we stood up the girl finally came over. We left. Huge disappointment. And overpriced for the portions other customers had got.
    Lehi, Utah

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