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Todai Sushi and Seafood Buffet
(Inside Pioneer Place)
340 SW Morrison Street, 4th Floor
Portland, OR 97204
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It’s not everyday I get to enjoy endless sushi, salads, noodles, teriyaki chicken, multiple desserts and more all in one place! So I was extremely excited to try Todai—I actually skipped dinner the night before just so I could get my fill at the massive buffet.

Yes, Todai is an oasis of seafood delights. All over the bright and clean dining area, patrons roam, their oversized plates piled with tasty treats. One person might have piles and piles of sushi, while another might be enjoying a bowl of udon and yet another could be snacking on shrimp.

Ahhhh…. It was a feast for my sushi-and-seafood-loving eyes from the very moment I stepped inside.

We were shown to our table immediately, but we didn’t even bother to sit down before diving into the buffet. Being the lone first-timer in my group, I decided to take it all in by walking up and down the long buffet counter deciding what I wanted to eat first. But, to be honest, there were so many yummy looking dishes that it wasn’t long before I started loading up my plate.

The buffet is divided into four areas: sushi, salads, hot foods and desserts. The platters and pans were never close to empty, as the large staff was swift to keep up with the demand. Even the mountains of fresh-made sushi kept on coming from behind the counter.

One of the best reasons to go to Todai is the fact that you can try anything and everything, and if you don’t like it you just have to grab a new plate and belly back up to the buffet.

I packed my first plate (yes, first) with several different types of sushi, some old favorite (salmon, California roll, tuna) and some new favorites (the Love Roll is my new favorite), some crab salad, a little teriyaki chicken, some tempura, edamame and some noodles. Everything was good; though I didn’t finish the chicken because the pieces I picked out were a little fatty. I really loved the crab salad; I even picked more up on my second trip to the buffet.

My second round was a little more adventurous. I picked up the grilled calamari, some kimchi, a couple of spicy shrimp, some gyozas and a little more crab salad. I loved the grilled calamari, and wished I wasn’t so full by the time I tried it.

By the time my second plate was polished off I was pretty stuffed (to say the least!), but I had to at least try the desserts—the cute mini cakes were calling my name. I picked out five of the little cakes and promised myself I would only take one bite of each and then force the rest on my dining companions. Of course, they were all delicious, and I admit I took a couple of extra bites from one or two.

Though I found it all completely scrumptious, my dining companions felt that the sushi was just average. One even said he preferred the sushi at Takahashi over Todai’s sushi offerings. Of all my tasty tries, my absolute favorites were the grilled calamari, the crab salad and the Love Roll, but the fact that I got the chance to taste test anything there was exciting in its own right.

Bottom line: If you are going to just gorge on the sushi, you might opt for a less expensive spot, but if are looking for a seafood extravaganza it’s worth the splurge. To be exact, lunch during the weekdays will set you back $14.95 or $16.95 on holidays and weekends. Also, be advised that the lunch buffet is more limited than the more expensive dinner buffet, so check out the menu in advance.

Pros: Endless amounts of tasty food, huge variety of sushi, you can try something new, great place for celebrating

Cons: It’s a pricey lunchtime splurge, drinks (even soda) is extra

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