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Thai Peacock
219 SW 9th Avenue
Portland, OR
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If you like Thai food and you haven’t been to Thai Peacock you are really missing out. Located down the block from Jackpot Records on SW Ninth, it’s an easy walk from most downtown workplaces—and it’s worth that walk! It’s like I died and went to peanut sauce heaven (so if you are allergic to the legume, I’ll forgive you for skipping the place).

The intimate dining room is perfect for small groups or even a lunch date, but they also offer take-out if you are on the go. Thai Peacock’s menu is extensive and they offer all of my favorite Thai dishes and many more that I hope to try in the future.

Every time I visit the service has been great. They are quick to answer questions about any dish you can’t decipher from the menu and the food and drinks arrive quickly. One night I stopped in late during a sudden rainstorm and even though they were minutes from closing, they swiftly packed me a delish take-out dinner while I tried to dry off.

Obviously, I have been here a few times, but the last time I stopped in we started with the Thai salad rolls, which are a delicious and light way to start lunch. The rice paper wrapped rolls come six half-rolls to a serving and are served with peanut sauce (yes!) for dipping. My entrée was the Pra Ram with chicken, which I get anywhere I can find it in town, and it was amazing as usual. Served with a bowl of steamed rice, the dish’s vegetables were perfection and the chicken was moist and tender—and the peanut sauce, yeah, I already mentioned it, is fabulous.

My dining companion tried the Evil Jungle Noodles (gotta love that name) with chicken, but the dish looked more mouth-watering than evil. The huge platter of rice noodles with broccoli and carrots was swimming in (again) peanut curry sauce.

Yes, the restaurant does offer a wide array of options that aren’t smothered with that dang delicious peanut sauce. The menu ranges from hearty salads to stir-fries to noodle- and rice-based dishes to curries to the house specialties, and virtually everything comes with the option of meat, seafood or vegetables added.

One of the great things about Thai Peacock is that the portions are generous enough to share, so if you go as a group it’s easily an affordable way to try a number of Thai dishes in one meal. Who doesn’t love that?!?!

The full Thai Peacock menu is offered all day, but between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays the restaurant offers excellent lunch specials on a select number of dishes.

To sum it up two words: It’s delicious!

Pros: Yummy food, great lunch specials, large portions, great for a lunch date

Cons: Caution to peanut allergy suffers

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2 thoughts on “Review: Thai Peacock”

  1. Was fantastic. A gal at Powell’s Books recommended it to us (thank you Cecily) and hubby and I are glad we followed her advice. GREAT prices and service – the Thia Iced Tea was the best I’ve had.

  2. We discovered this place at the same time that we discovered Powell’s Books. Both are excellent! In addition to a great noodle dish (it was similar to Pad Thai but I forget the name) I had a cool refreshing mango bubble “tea” smoothie. Place was busy on a Sunday afternoon but the service was fine. We’ll be back for sure.

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