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Giant Drive-In
15840 Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego, OR
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Burger lovers rejoice!

Giant Drive-In has been a Lake Oswego staple for decades, and it’s easy to see why this little burger joint has been able to last so long: They’ve got great burgers. Sure, you can go in for just a standard burger with the typical fixings, but the real find at Giant is their claim to fame, their specialty burgers.

Best known for The Filler (which the owner jokingly referred to as the “college student special”), it comes packed with the works, but other mouth-watering options include Blue Cheese, Teriyaki, Hawaiian, Jalapeno, Ranch burgers and many more. If you are a first-time Giant visitor don’t fret over all the options, just look for the specialty burger descriptions listed above the cash register. Each burger is served on a delicious toasted bun and with fresh toppings.

I stopped by a little after the regular lunch rush because I’ve driven by the place many times when the parking lot was full—be warned that it’s a popular local lunch spot. When I arrived there was a table with three construction workers as well as a table with a mom with her two teenagers. My order, a Hawaiian burger and a small order of Cajun fries, arrived quicker than I expected—and much bigger than I expected.

The Giant is a place to come when you are really hungry, as the burgers are, literally, giant. Add on fries (regular, Cajun or cheese) and one of their notoriously-tasty milkshakes and you can probably skip dinner! mascot, Doggie Bag Dog, enjoyed my leftover burger and fries as much as I did.

The Giant is one of the few remaining spots in town that is cash only, so come prepared with the greenbacks. But the prices are excellent, rivaling what you’d pay for a less quality lunch down the street at McDonald’s, and they offer a rotating daily lunch special for $4.75 that includes a burger, small fries and a drink. Even if you don’t choose the lunch special, a huge lunch (burger, fries and a drink/shake) is easily less than $10 here.

One thing to note is that the dining area inside the restaurant is very small. There are outdoor picnic tables for warmer weather, but take-out might be your only option on really busy days.

There is certainly a nostalgic feel about Giant Drive-In. It’s certainly not a fancy restaurant, but there is a nice feeling about the ‘50s-style A-frame building, super friendly staff and tasty lunch offerings.

If you are downtown during the day, check out Giant Drive-In on the weekend. If you work anywhere near Lake Oswego, pack your co-workers in your car, bring dollar bills and have a very yummy lunch.

Pros: Huge burgers, great fries, friendly staff, quick service

Cons: Gets busy during lunch, limited inside seating, parking can be an issue when they are busy

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