Update: Virginia Cafe’s move

Here’s an update from Virginia Café’s MySpace page:

Dear Virginia Cafe Family,

Well, the time has finally come to say adieu to Park Avenue. It’s been a great 86 years here on Park Avenue and we are sad to say good-bye, but you can’t stop progress. All of us are looking forward to our new digs on 10th avenue, well sort of new digs. The old booths will be there, a bit fresher. The chandeliers and all the light fixtures on Park Avenue are making the move with us so when I say new, I mean not so new but a fresh new light on an old lady.

So the bar stool crawl will be happening on Monday, February 25th. The time frame is still up in the air but I will keep you posted. Cmon some things can be kept a secret right? So if anyone wants to come down on Sunday night the 24th to have a drink with me for one of the last times on Park Avenue, I will be here that evening after I’m done working on the new place. Myself and the entire crew will be there saying good-bye to an old friend and looking forward to our future on 10th avenue.

I hope to see all of you soon.

Yours Truly,

Leah Douvris
Virginia Cafe

Review: Virginia Café

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Virginia Café
NEW ADDRESS: 820 SW 10th Avenue
Portland, OR
Map It!
Rating: ★★★★☆

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[Editor’s Note: It’s official, the Virginia Cafe has moved to 820 SW 10th Avenue, just across from the library. We are planning to check out the new digs and let you know what we think very soon!]

Over the weekend I had probably my last lunch at the Virginia Café at its current location on SW Park Avenue. You see, just over a year ago the landmark restaurant and bar announced they would have to close down or move because the building within which they are housed is going to be torn down to become yet another shiny retail/condo high-rise. Luckily, the owners have found a new location for VC, but now it’s time to say goodbye to the old dwelling.

Sure, the place itself is nothing fancy; the décor is kitschy, the upstairs bathroom is pretty scary and nonsmokers curse the free-for-all smoking policy (that will change in the new location as they will be going non-smoking).

But there is something undeniably charming, cozy and Old Portland about the location they are vacating. Where else hipsters mix with preppy downtown workers mix with 50-somethings without batting an eye? If Pioneer Courthouse Square is Portland’s “living room” then VC is Portland’s den with a wet bar. Continue reading Review: Virginia Café