Review: Sushi Train (Tualatin)

Sushi Train
19239 SW Martinazzi Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
Map It!
Ph: 503-885-2545
Lunch money: $$-$$$

[Note: I originally reviewed Sushi Train more than three years ago (where does the time go?), so I felt I should update everyone on one of my fave “secret” sushi spots.]

I honestly have no idea how I discovered Sushi Train a few years ago, but it has become a favorite destination with a special place in my stomach (and the stomachs of several of my closest friends). You see, Sushi Train is a tiny place in the middle of a strip mall in Tualatin…yes, you read that right, Tualatin. As in the ‘burbs Tualatin. Yet, anytime I’m craving good, quick sushi, this is my go-to place.

Sure it’s quite the hike for many of us PDX urbanites who both live and work in town, but—trust me on this—it’s well worth the almost 30-mile round trip trek! If you already live or work in the Tualatin area then you are just a tad bit luckier than the rest of us sushi lovers.

As the name infers, Sushi Train is a conveyor belt sushi spot. The dining area is a mix of counter seating and tables, but even with a group I prefer counter seating…it’s just more fun!

The sushi at Sushi Train is not only very fresh and tasty, but some of the plates could almost be considered edible pieces of art. One thing that I especially like about Sushi Train is that there is typically lots of variety on the “train” to pick from. Of course, if you don’t see what you want on the conveyor belt, just ask one of the many chefs and they will quickly whip up whatever you’re hungry for.

While there isn’t much explanation as to what the plated items are (and that can be a little confusing if you don’t have sushi a lot), you can usually identify what’s on a plate by matching the plate’s color on the menu charts. Or start by perusing the sushi menu then look for matching item on the belt. This is especially fun if you are in the mood to try something new.

Plates range from $1 to $4, so it’s easy to fill up without spending tons of cash. I can usually get out of there completely satiated for less than $10. Even if you have a huge appetite and your finished plate stack goes sky high, you’ll probably be surprised how reasonable the prices are.

If sushi isn’t your thing, Sushi Train also offers a few alternative options like udon and teriyaki dishes.

Like other “fast food” sushi places, at the end of your meal a server comes by to tally your plate total and then you pay at the front register. Having been to plenty of similar places, I’d say that Sushi Train is one of the most orderly and efficient.

Overall, Sushi Train will continue to me my favorite sushi place in the Portland area. It might not be über-fancy (actually the decor is a bit drab), but it is consistently a fun and inexpensive sushi experience.

– Some of the best “fast food” sushi in the entire Portland area
– Very reasonable prices
– Good service
– It’s just one I-5 exit south of Bridgeport Village, so perfect for a day of lunching and shopping

– Could be a little closer to my house! 😉
– Can be a little hard to find if not familiar with Tualatin
– Can get busy at lunchtime

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4 thoughts on “Review: Sushi Train (Tualatin)”

  1. The idea of “fast food” sushi grosses me out! I’ve eaten at the Tanasborne location & walked out with a stomach ache! I’m sorry but I prefer my raw fish fresh & not gliding along a conveyor for God knows how long!

    1. There is just one Sushi Train location. You must be confused. I put “fast food” in quotes because it’s not really fast food. Try it before you diss it. It really is good. :)

  2. True the one at Tanasborne is called Sushi Town but same “fast food” concept. But yes I will try this Tualatin location since I live nearby & if I get food poisoning then I’d like to have your address to send my medical bills:/

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