News: Burgerville Opens Drive-Thrus to Bikes

After an incident at a Portland-area drive-thru earlier this week, Burgerville has announced it will allow bicyclists to order and pick up food at all drive-thru lanes. The company will announce a formal bicycle drive-thru program within the next two weeks.

Burgerville is creating the chain-wide bike-friendly policy after Portland cyclist Sarah Gilbert was refused service at one of the restaurant’s drive-thru locations on Wednesday.

The company previously had an ad hoc approach to serving bicyclists at drive-thru windows, leaving the decision up to its individual general managers. Due to the company’s ad hoc approach to serving cyclists, the Burgerville team member staffing the drive-thru window was uninformed about that location’s willingness to serve two-wheeled vehicles. Burgerville has since issued an apology to Gilbert for the inconvenience.

“We’ve been handling bikes in the drive-thrus on an ad hoc basis and Ms. Gilbert’s experience helped accelerate our decision to develop a formal bike-friendly program. Her experience highlighted inconsistencies in our bike policy,” said Jack Graves, Burgerville’s chief cultural officer. “Opening up our drive-thrus to the large cycling community in our area is a natural for us and is very much in line with our overall values. While we are sorry that Ms. Gilbert was inconvenienced, we appreciate the passion she brought to the issue and her commitment to the environment and our food. We are excited about the positive impact we will be able to make through our new bike policy.”

Burgerville expects that all 39 of its locations will be able to accommodate cycle-thru orders within the next two weeks as the company finalizes operational and safety aspects of the program.

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