Stumptown Lunch News: Recession-Friendly Lunch

As the recession creeps along—especially here in the Portland area—everyone seems to be reigning in their entertainment and dining-out budgets. While the days of dropping hundreds of dollars for a high-end steakhouse lunch with co-workers might be over for most of us, being economical doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a good, quality meal.

The two Blue Sage Café locations (one in West Linn and one in Lake Oswego) are offering a very unique way to enjoy a nice meal: you pick your own price! Dine-in customers pay full-price for their beverage, and then get to decide what they want to pay for their meal.

The Southwestern-style restaurant has been offering the “Your Price is Right” program since March, but you better stop in for a visit soon, as the special offer ends April 30.

Looking for a way to save money without depending on daily dining off a drive-thru Value Menu? As many fast food joints start to skimp on portion size and food quality, our very own Burgerville is making strides in the way fast food should be—healthy, while remaining affordable.

Already known for utilizing many local products, vendors and ingredients, Burgerville has recently expanded their seasonal options to take advantage of what’s fresh and plentiful at the moment. April’s seasonal selections include a Spinach Florentine Breakfast Pastry and a Spring Spinach and Chicken Salad. In May, they will be adding asparagus items to the menu.

If you are ready to get out of the house and enjoy some of the rare Oregon sunshine, I suggest you hit Saturday Market on the weekends. Sure, the crowds can get large and the food stand lines can get long, but there are lots of deals to be found. At Beirut Café I got a huge garlic chicken pita sandwich for less than $7, and then indulged in a gigantic iced coffee for $2. For dessert there was the must-have elephant ear and a honeydew-flavored bubble tea.

Saturday Market has food for everyone in the family, from pizza and burgers to Hawaiian and BBQ. Not to mention all the great fun foods, like ice cream, kettle corn and fudge! Saturday Market is a fantastic place to visit for locals and tourists alike.

Saturday Market is open Saturdays and Sundays until December 24.

What are your favorite recession-friendly lunch spots? Send us a tip!

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