Stumptown Lunch News: The economy sucks!

This is gloomy, but not unexpected, news. The Oregonian reports on the sad state of the local restaurant business. We’ve had to pinch our own dining-out dollars recently and this awful, crappy weather doesn’t help! If you have the means, visit your favorite local eateries. We don’t want Portland to become a bastion of just Burger Kings and Taco Bells!

One thought on “Stumptown Lunch News: The economy sucks!”

  1. Thank you!! We were just having this conversation this afternoon. We are a local business (wally & son auto on canyon rd., you won’t regret it:)) and we have been affected like everyone else, but we need to keep our local business going, so when we go out we choose very carefully! There are too many great places here, we can’t afford to lose them! (I didn’t come here to plug, but I found your blog and loved the article.) Thanks, we’ll keep reading.

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