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Dragonfish Asian Café
909 SW Park Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205
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[rating: 4.5]

It’s rare that I go to sushi places where you order off the menu, as I’m a diehard sushi train fan. But the Sushi Hour at the upscale Dragonfish Asian Café is absolutely worth a visit.

Sushi Hour is their version of happy hour (4 to 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. to close daily), and it’s a terrific way to sample the restaurant’s upscale fare without breaking your budget. Located in the lobby of the Paramount Hotel, the restaurant on one side and the lounge, where Sushi Hour is offered, on the other.

The best part of Sushi Hour is that you can enjoy an array of the selected nigiri, sushi rolls and small plates for possibly less than a single entrée over in the restaurant. There is a minimum drink purchase requirement, but the specialty cocktails, beer selections and the sake and wine lists should easily cover that.

On our recent visit, my HH friend and I were pretty hungry and ordered four out of the five sushi roll options, a couple pieces of nigiri, two orders of pot stickers and a plate of the caramel ginger chicken. If that sounds like a lot of food, it was! But the food was so good we ignored our filling bellies and chowed down.

The sushi was very flavorful and satisfying (my only complaint was that there was WAY too much cream cheese on the smoked salmon roll). The ginger chicken pot stickers with dipping sauce were delicious. I only tasted a few bites of the caramel ginger chicken, but it also very good.

The lounge itself was comfortable with large booths, smaller tables and even a couch area. The service was great and our food came out very fast.

Even though it’s Sushi Hour, you will probably spend a little more than a train-style sushi place, but for a once in a while upscale happy hour experience it’s worth spending a little more money.

Pros: Great prices for great food, comfortable atmosphere, attentive and friendly service,

Cons: Parking (obviously), no drink specials during Sushi Hour

Visit Dragonfish Asian Cafe’s Sushi Hour menu

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