Review: Hot Pot ‘n Sushi

Hot Pot ‘n Sushi
10127 NE Cascade Parkway
Portland, OR 97220
[rating: 2]

I had to take my boyfriend to the airport, so why not stop off for a little sushi on the way, right? We had previously spied Hot Pot ‘n Sushi on a trip to Cascade Station a few weeks prior and decided to test it out.

Hmmmm. What to say about Hot Pot ‘n Sushi? It pretty much sucked.

The sushi was boring and they didn’t offer a large enough selection. I kept waiting for their House roll to roll on by on the track but never saw one. I didn’t even see one California roll. What? I’ve never seen that before. They also pretty much only served sushi rolls, I only witnessed a handful of nigiri dishes and they didn’t look all that appetizing.

We didn’t try the hot pot, so maybe it’s the better choice. Of course, I hear hot pot isn’t even available until after 5 p.m., so it wouldn’t factor into your lunch meal.

During lunch the sushi plates range from $1.25 to $3.25 apiece. The cheapest plates were a little bland in flavor and variety. There were mainly $2 and above plates on the train, and I’ll say that the spicy salmon was good, but seemed slightly mushy.

One thing I find more than slightly funny is that on the restaurant’s official Web site they offer a page full of Japanese expressions you can use to impress the sushi chef, but at least at the Cascade Station location it looked as if the chefs were more likely to respond to you if you were speaking Spanish. Just saying.

The only redeeming quality about this place is that after 6 p.m. they offer all the sushi plates for just $1. I am guessing they scale back the more pricey dishes during that period, but I haven’t been there for happy hour.

The restaurant itself is pretty sparsely decorated. It reminded me of your typical strip mall eatery, which it is, technically.

I might visit again, but only for the happy hour special. Cascade Station is blossoming with a large number of restaurants, including the IKEA Café, Red Robin, Panda Express, Taco Del Mar and the currently under construction Buffalo Wild Wings, so there are certainly other options to choose from.

Pros: $1 happy hour special after 6 p.m.

Cons: Bland and boring sushi, not enough variety on the sushi train, hot pot only available after 5 p.m.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Hot Pot ‘n Sushi”

  1. Managers do not know how to treat their employee’s / customers. The lady manager is fake and seems to act unethical of racial differences behind the scene.

    Employee’s work hard, get paid minimum of course, but if you make a few mistakes as an employee during the 2 weeks of the so called “training”, you will get fired.

    You also get no tip throughout those 2 weeks therefore they take advantage of that.

    And last, the sushi is frozen beforehand for a few days and tastes stale, this is from past job experience there! :)

    * Pros: Waiters are friendly and work hard
    * Cons: Sushi is old, manager is fake and unfriendly

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