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No Fish! Go Fish!
3962 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97214
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[rating: 4]

I woke up today feeling a little under the weather, but I managed to make it to my lunch appointment with friends at No Fish! Go Fish! Lucky for me the restaurant specializes in comfort food like soup and stuffed sandwiches—and no, despite the name, it’s not a fish place.

The soup menu actually changes daily. Today’s selections were cream of basil, potato with roasted peppers, lentil and black bean minestrone. If you are headed to the restaurant or the food cart location (located at 5th and Yamhill downtown) you can check out their daily menu at their Web site.

If soup isn’t what you’re in the mood for, their cute fish-shaped stuffed sandwiches should satisfy whatever you are craving. From turkey and cheese to the more creative refried bean with pico de gallo, the fish-shaped sandwiches kind of reminded me of healthy and hearty homegrown Hot Pockets. The sandwiches also come in desert versions, like chocolate with banana and apple cinnamon.

The also offer an array of other menu options, like pasta, panini, frittata, Asian noodle bowls and salads.

This was my first visit to No Fish! Go Fish!, so I indulged in the lunch special. For just $5.99 they serve you a heaping bowl of soup and you get to pick two sandwiches on the side. I went for the cream of basil and the turkey and cheese and egg and cheese sandwiches. If that sounds like a lot of food, you’re right! I could barely make a dent before I was full!

My soup was delicious. It was dense, flavorful and the ingredients tasted very fresh. I found the sandwiches to be tasty as well, but almost too heavy on the cornbread-tasting bread and a little too light on the filler ingredients.

One lunch pal tried out the potato and roasted pepper soup, which she really enjoyed. Another pal went for just the small sandwiches; I think he ordered four or five!

The restaurant itself was charming and had a real Portland feel to it. The walls were decorated with local art and the staff was friendly and helpful.

I am excited to go back again and try out some of their other soup selections, especially the coconut chicken and the carrot with ginger.

Pros: Soup menu changes daily, lots of food for very reasonable prices, cute fish-shaped sandwiches

Cons: The sandwiches were a bit too bready and could have had more filling

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