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Marinepolis Sushi Land (Lloyd location)
1409 NE Weidler Street
Portland, Oregon 97232
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[rating: 3.5]

There are a handful of Sushi Land locations around the metro area and they all feature the train-style conveyor belt of small sushi plates.

I have now visited two of the Portland area Sushi Land restaurants. Typically I go to the Pearl District location when the nearby Sushi Takahashi is too busy. But recently an eastside friend suggested we check out the Lloyd District location.

There isn’t too much difference between the Pearl and Lloyd locations when it comes to the food, but the Lloyd location does seem a little less upscale than the Pearl. There might be more seating at the Lloyd location, but it has more of a “diner counter” feel to it than the Pearl location.

It wasn’t too crowed when our party of three arrived, so we seated ourselves and dove in! The friendly server came by quickly to take our drink orders.

One of the problems with this Sushi Land is that if you want to order something that’s not on the conveyor belt you have to get the attention of the busy sushi chefs or a waitress, and even when we did put in a special order somehow the requested order of creamy scallops turned into tuna salad. They were quick to fix the mistake.

Everything we tried was satisfactory. Not the best, but not terrible. My fried calamari was a tad on the lukewarm side and the crab stick seemed a little limp on the smaller-than-I’m-used-to mound of rice.

Although there were quite a few things on the train, it didn’t seem that they were adding new things very quickly, so I saw a lot of the same plates going round and round and round. I actually ended up eating much less than I usually do during a sushi train outing, mainly because I couldn’t find enough on the train that I wanted to eat. How many California rolls can one Lunch Lady eat in one sitting without getting bored? Maybe they were testing me?

Yes, I could have ordered directly from the sushi chef, but I’m not used to putting in orders for things that I consider staples for a sushi train restaurant. And after our first wrong order problem, I figured I’d just stick to the train.

Overall, it’s cheap sushi. If you have just a few bucks to spend and craving sushi, this is a good inner eastside option. Heck, I made it out of that lunch only spending $5 before tip and I was quite full!

Pros: Cheap sushi, quite a few options to pick from, quick and friendly servers, family friendly

Cons: Food quality seems slightly inferior to other sushi train locations, seats can fill up fast, ordering from the chef seems more difficult than it should be

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[Editor’s Note: Sushi Land has already begun construction on their newest location across from Bridgeport Village in Tualatin. We will check it out as soon as it opens!]
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4 thoughts on “Review: Sushi Land”

  1. I have eaten at the Sushi Land in Clackamas before and I honestly thought it was the worst sushi I have ever eaten. I agree with the writer of this article that the place seems “cafeteria-like” and the selection on the train is not vast, but I really was disappointed in food quality. If you want a really good, inexpensive sushi place in the Beaverton/Tigard area, I suggest Sushi Time on Hall St. It has much higher quality food and much more unique rolls.

  2. I love this Sushi Land! I go there often and never have to wait long for a seat. Everyone is very friendly and the sushi is great for what it is; simple, cheap, and filling. Or you could go up the street to Yuki and pay $50 for sushi if that’s what you’re into…

  3. I think I must be simple minded, because I think that all conveyor belt sushi places are awesome. :)

    I do think the sushi here is about average, except their asparagus roles–doesn’t sound so tasty, but pretty good.

  4. I can’t believe that no one in this shithole of PooLAND can’t make decent sushi. It is not fresh, tastes as though it’s several days old and the wait staff are never anywhere to be seen. Better stick to my PBJ sandwiches, at least they taste fresh!

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