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La Vang Restaurant
17790 SW Pilkington Road
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
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[rating: 4]

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It might be tucked away on a quiet Lake Oswego side street, but if you are craving good Vietnamese food then La Vang Restaurant is definitely worth the trip. And don’t let the strip mall location fool you; the food is darn delicious!

The menu offers something for everyone, from pho to vermicelli noodle dishes to rice dishes to stir fried dishes. They also offer a good number of appetizers to start off your meals.

Typically, I start off with an order of the massive salad rolls served with homemade peanut sauce. The salad rolls are a perfect combination of soft vermicelli noodles, crisp mint and cilantro, and tasty shrimp and minced pork—all wrapped up in rice paper. One of my favorite things about La Vang has to be the peanut sauce, it is practically peanut butter and I could easily eat it all day long!

Another great appetizer to start your meal with is the chicken and shrimp skewers—marinated and grilled to deliciousness. Yum.

Having visited La Vang numerous times, I have had the chance to sample a variety of dishes on the menu. I’ve never had a complaint about the food and there are still so many things that I still want to try–especially the pho, which I hear is excellent.

Some of my favorite dishes are the Chicken Peanut Sauce, the Chicken Vermicelli, the Vietnamese Chicken Curry Stew and the Thai Curry Noodle Soup.

The Chicken Peanut Sauce entrée is something I could probably eat everyday and not get bored. The chicken is wonderful and tasty on its own, but add the peanut sauce and WOW! It’s served with white rice and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and celery.

One of the best things about eating at La Vang is that I might be indulging a little (all that peanut sauce and the carb-loaded rice), but everything is so healthy! The meat is lean and the veggies are streamed! So even if I do devour my entire meal, I know that I’m not doing too much damage to my waistline!

The entrée portions are what you would expect at any Asian restaurant—large—so expect to have leftovers or take friends and share what everyone is ordering.

The prices are also excellent, no entrée is over $10 and they even offer lunch specials during the week.

I will be back to La Vang, probably soon. And next time I am totally going to try out the pho!

Pros: Delicious and fresh food, fast service, large portions, healthy food

Cons: A little out of the way in Lake Oswego, smallish dining area

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