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Tiger Bar
317 NW Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97209
(503) 222-7297
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[rating: 4.5]

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The first time I visited Tiger Bar also happened to be the night of SantaCon, so I won’t mention all the debauchery that I saw go down there that night. Let’s just say the patrons got to see a lot more drunken Santa skin than they probably wanted to….

That aside, I decided to try the place again—this time for happy hour with friends—and my opinion about the place changed completely. We wandered in and took a seat in one of the large, cozy booths near the back of the bar. Due to my first impression, I was expecting typical greasy bar grub.

But one look at their mouth-watering happy hour menu, and I knew the place was doing something right. During happy hour (4 to 8 p.m. daily), Tiger Bar offers absolutely delicious food at nicely reduced prices—the best deal is the burger/Gardenburger or teriyaki chicken sandwich for only $5 (add $1 for cheese) and they come with my beloved sweet potato fries or a salad!

We ordered the Kamikaze Hot Wings, a Tiger Burger with fries and an extra side of their luscious sweet potato fries. The wings were spicy, crispy and finger-licking good. The burger was massive and topped with fresh veggies and gooey cheese. But, and I can’t say this enough, the sweet potato fries with the sweet chili dipping sauce are worth the trip alone.

We practically licked our plates clean! How does a chef this amazing and creative end up working at the teeny-tiny Tiger Bar?? I would pay full price for food this good any time of the day!

It might have only been happy hour, but the food was so good and so filling that none of us needed dinner that night.

The bar itself is, well, a bar. Nothing fancy, but nothing bad, either. Unlike Portland City Grill just a few blocks away, this might not be the place to take your square suburbanite friends or your parents for happy hour (they do allow smoking at this establishment). But if you can tolerate the grit and grunge of Old Town and find a parking space, it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it!

I have now been back to Tiger Bar many times and have enjoyed every visit. If you haven’t been, you totally have to check out the happy hour menu at Tiger Bar!

Pros: Great happy hour prices, stiff drinks, laid back crowd, friendly and cute staff

Cons: No late night happy hour, parking can be hard to find in the neighborhood
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