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Sushi Train
19239 SW Martinazzi Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 885-2545
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[rating: 5]

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Yes, gas prices are officially through the roof, so a lot of people are eating out less frequently let alone taking a relatively long drive just to eat out. But if you are a sushi fan, you might want to hop on I-5 and head to Tualatin for some delicious Japanese eats!

At least one person I know asked me not to write this review, as he didn’t want the secret of this little suburban strip mall sushi gem “outted” to the general public, but I couldn’t resist. This place is a little hard to find, but well worth the trip.

I am a fan of train-style sushi restaurants, as you might have guessed by my review of Takahashi, so I was thrilled to have a new place to try out. Honestly, I was completely skeptical at first. Good sushi in Tualatin? I definitely had my doubts. When I saw that the place was sandwiched between a Radio Shack and a Schlotzsky’s Deli, I had even more doubts.

But once I walked through the door and sat down at the counter, any doubt I had completely vanished. Not only was the sushi fresh and extremely tasty, but many of the rolls were almost too pretty to eat!

Plate prices range from $1 to $4 (you’ll know the plate’s price by the color/design displayed on the wall and on the menu). Most of my favorite dishes were on the $1.50 and $2 plates. And if you want something that’s not on the train, just ask. The sushi chefs were fast and friendly. When we were there the train was always fully stocked, even though it was pretty busy.

I started out with the cucumber salad, and it was awesome. They slice the fresh cucumber thick and serve it with a delicious vinegar-based dressing. I moved on from there to taste a variety of the sushi options from the conveyor belt, including the Oregon roll, the California roll, the spicy tuna roll, the scallop roll, some salmon and much, much more.

I finished off my meal with a plate of sesame balls. What a treat!

Yeah, it was a lot of food, but I shared most of what I was trying with a friend, so it was well worth the full stomach.

One thing I really loved about Sushi Train was that their menu was extremely detailed with photos, so that you knew you were getting the exact item you were looking for on the train. This is particularly helpful for those who are sushi-shy or picky eaters.

Although I wish Sushi Train were a little closer to Portland, I know that it would be far more crowded and much more expensive if it were. So I will settle for occasionally trekking out to the suburbs to feast on their superb sushi.

Pros: Extremely fresh fish, great ingredients, creative sushi rolls, fast and friendly service

Cons: It’s in Tualatin and can be hard to find, closed on Sundays, can get busy during peak hours

NOTE: Sushi Train is hard to find because of the REALLY fucked up traffic patterns in Tualatin (seriously, City of Tualatin please FIX your roads!). Here are the Lunch Lady’s directions from I-5 southbound:

-         Take the Nyberg Road exit

-         Get in the middle-ish right-turn lane as you take the exit

-         As soon as you turn right, move over to left-turn lane that goes into the Fred Meyer parking lot

-         Drive through the Fred Meyer parking lot (you’ll be veering to the right) to the light at Martinazzi

-         Go straight at this light to the strip mall across the street. You’ll see a Taco Bell at the corner if you are going the right way.

-         Once in the strip mall parking lot, turn right and head toward Sushi Train!!

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3 thoughts on “Review: Sushi Train”

  1. My husband and I weathered Blizzardcane ’08 to trudge to Tualatin to eat sushi here on your recommendation. All I have to say is you are a goddess for recommening such an amazing sushi joint.

    Normally my gluttonous husband and I kill plate after plate of train sushi however after about 5 plates each of the delicious selection here we were done! What a treasure!

  2. I LIVE in Tualatin and I totally agree with your statement about the road situation here. It drives me crazy. Anyway, a few years ago an ex-coworker recommended this place. (Back then it may have been known as Sushi World and plate prices ranged from around $2.50 – $6.50.) She said it was a good place to get tasty inexpensive sushi. I had been getting sushi from Fred Meyer made by Tsunami (it was good/fresh, etc.) and a box of I think 9 or 12 rolls was around $6 or $7. When I looked at the menu (at Sushi Train) I thought the prices were for a single roll and thought I would have to spend around $25 to get the equivalent amount of sushi I had been used to (yeah stupid me, what can I say.) So I finally figured out that wasn’t the case (it’s per plate and typically there are 2 – 6 rolls on a plate depending on their size.) So I decided to try Sushi Train. I had to get it to go and I stuck pretty basic/cautious my first time: I think Cali Roll, Philly Roll, Salmon Roll and Tuna Roll. It was really good. There are some other kaiten-zushi places (Sushiville here and Sushi Hana on 99 in Tigard is supposed to be pretty good) that I would like to try, but I will definitely be a regular rider on the Sushi Train…

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