HH Review: Henry’s 12 Street Tavern


Henry’s 12th Street Tavern
10 NW 12th Street
Portland, OR
* Happy hour runs daily from 3 to 6 pm
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OK, Henry’s has a great happy hour menu, but it’s almost too much trouble finding a seat to even bother going! I can understand the mad rush at Portland City Grill (which is also owned by Pacific Coast Restaurants), but I get so sick and tired of walking that endless circle around the bar at Henry’s looking for a free table or an even less comfortable place at the bar.

Honestly, my friends and I have left without waiting numerous times, because, like PCG, they don’t have any organized way of getting paying customers a table as people leave. Yes, I understand first come, first serve, but this is just chaos without the great view or the ambiance of PCG.

What really gets my blood boiling are the lurkers! Once you get a table with friends and are enjoying drinks and food, there are people who lurk over the table just waiting for you to leave! I can understand this at PCG, but at Henry’s?  Come on peeps, this is the Pearl District!! There are so many other (some even better) happy hour spots within walking distance.

That being said, if you do get a table you’re golden! The menu is great and the minimum drink requirement is easily met by their extensive list of beers on tap or a cocktail. Typically, I order a pint of the Eugene City Brewery Honey-Orange Wheat, but on my last visit I picked the Sea Dog Blue Paw Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale, and I loved it. OK, most people don’t like fruity beer, but this beer had a great aroma and a very hearty flavor, the blueberry seemed more like a naturally added ingredient in this tasty pint. It was really good, and I would love to be able to get it at stores!

Now on to the food! The happy hour fare is eclectic and delicious and very inexpensive (dishes start at $1.95 and go up to $4.95). They have a very similar menu to PCG, but with slight differences. Yes, there are the burgers, California rolls, salads and chicken satay, but Henry’s also offers macaroni and cheese, Gorgonzola fries, as well as some seafood and Pan-Asian dishes. Truly, there is something for pretty much everyone in your happy hour party.

Overall, Henry’s happy hour can be a lot of fun, but you should plan on going as early as possible to get a table because as the happy hour minutes tick on the tables get packed!

Pros: Great food, huge beer selection, you can take the streetcar

Cons: Very hard to get a table during happy hour, street parking is hard to find and the parking garage can get expensive

Take a look at the Henry’s happy hour menu
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