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Café Le Delice
3970 Mercantile Drive
Lake Oswego, OR
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I wanted to love this place. I really, really did! But, when I know that the Mediterranean fare at Nicholas Restaurant (review coming soon) is just a short trip up I-5 and the Mezze Platter at Sapphire Hotel is available at happy hour prices, I just can’t say this is going to be a Stumptown Lunch favorite.

I’ll be honest; I am a gyro fanatic!! There is nothing better at lunch than a great gyro! So the first time I stopped by Café Le Delice, I ordered one. It came with a choice of salad or soup; I picked the Greek salad. I also had the choice of white or wheat pita; I chose white. My order came out super fast, but that didn’t change my opinion of my gyro. It wasn’t bad, it was actually good, but I was a little annoyed with the lettuce they used. It’s not shredded lettuce, but large chopped pieces, which was a strange balance with the very slender pieces of tender meat.

The lamb was delicious. The pita was tasty and toasted. The feta was flavorful. Overall, it was a good gyro. I would just change the lettuce and add a little more tzatziki sauce. Then it would be perfectly yummy!

The Greek side salad was very good, and I really liked the Balsamic vinegar dressing. So, that was a plus!

I decided to try Café Le Delice again, and this time I ordered the Mezze Plate, which I had heard was good. Well, I wasn’t impressed. I only finished the hummus (which is pretty tasty) and the baba ghanoush. I tried everything else on the “plate” and found a lot of it really unsavory, most of it terrible! The grape leaves and the roasted red pepper (and some of the olives) tasted too briny. The falafel was dense, but the flavor was marginal-only after dipping it in the fruity yogurt dressing was I able to eat it. That’s not a good sign!

My advice, they need to add a tapenade to the Mezze Plate! Café Le Delice, you seem to have enough olives there to make it homemade! Please add it to your menu!! Plus, the flavor of the grape leaves was pretty bad, even the Doggie Bag Dog wouldn’t try them, and he eats EVERYTHING!!!

Pros: Fast and friendly service, lots of veggie and vegan options, an OK gyro spot for Lake Oswego

Cons: Bad flavor for the brined items (i.e., grape leaves, olives and roasted red pepper, they were just yucky!), too expensive for marginal food

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