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I had heard many good things about the food at Muu-Muu’s, so I decided to check it out for myself. Earlier this week I met up with a galpal for lunch there, and I have to say that while it was decent, I don’t think it lived up to the hype I’d been hearing.

The service was good, though I was unsure when I walked in if I should just grab a table or wait to be seated—it’s seat yourself (at least I think it is, the waiter/bartender seemed too busy talking to girls at the bar to acknowledge me). I did make the mistake of selecting a booth near the door, just opposite the bar. Being one of the coldest days in Stumptown in a long time, I got a chilly blast each and every time the door opened. Brrrr!

I ordered a Diet Coke and it arrived even before my lunch companion did, so I got a chance to peruse the menu. The variety of options was good, but I was surprised to see that many of the entrée items on the menu were over $10.00. C’mon, the place is nice, but it still seems more like a bar than a upscale restaurant.

I ended up getting the Muu-Muu burger, which seems to be a signature dish, it’s creative and just about the least expensive thing on the menu ($6.50). My galpal ordered the Greek spinach salad (S9.50) because she loves calamari. It wasn’t until about five minutes after the waiter took our order that he returned to the table to tell us the restaurant was out of calamari. What? Out of calamari? It’s offered as an appetizer as well as on several salads. How could they be out of calamari?

Anyway, he offered her shrimp in its place, which was fine with her, but I would have ordered something else.

The food arrived fairly quickly, and I was delighted by the way my burger looked. The beef patty, cheese, sauces and fries were all layered into a French roll. It’s very unique and imaginative, but ultimately not as tasty as a normal burger. I think the mistake is the fries IN the sandwich. They were way too salty and totally overpowered the flavor of the meat and cheese. And, there wasn’t enough meat on the thing for me to even consider it a real burger.

My galpal’s salad arrived with the aforementioned fried shrimp atop, but even after she finished it all off, she was still hungry! If I pay almost $10 for a salad, I’d better not be hungry after I’m finished! So, she ended up spending another $5 for a dessert cobbler.

In the end, I only finished half of my burger/sandwich, the Doggie Bag Dog got the rest for his dinner. It was a decent experience. If I worked closer to 21st Avenue, I’d probably stop in again, but I would try something other than the Muu-Muu burger. My second choice would have been the fried Szechuan noodles with chicken, but for $12.50 it better fill me up!

Pros: Um, looks like they have a good happy hour menu, good variety with veggie options, creative menu

Cons: A little pricey for lunch, burger was a little too salty, parking can be INSANE in that area, they were out of calamari

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