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Pizza Boys Plus
17788 Pilkington Road
Lake Oswego, OR
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Oh. My. God! I have driven by this little pizza shop probably a hundred times, but I had never stopped in until today. Now I’m wondering why I’ve never tried it before. I called ahead and ordered a small pizza and an order of cheese sticks. My theory is that you can usually judge the quality of a place by their cheese sticks.

When I arrived about 20 minutes later, I was struck by the cute interior of the place—the walls are covered with album covers from the 60s and 70s. How retro is that? The dining area has limited seating, so take-out or delivery (it’s free within a five-mile radius) are good options.

My food was ready and boxed up by the time I arrived. The very nice guy at the counter even gave me a punch card (fifth pizza half-off, tenth pizza is free).

Starving, I headed home with my two heavy white boxes. That’s when I got a huge shock. I naturally assumed the pizza was in the larger of the two boxes and the cheese sticks were in the smaller box. It turns out the pizza was in the small box, and what was in the large box was the cheesiest, most mouth-watering cheese sticks I have ever seen in my life! Seriously, these were not sticks, but more like a cheesey calzone sliced up! And it wasn’t just melted mozzarella, but garlic and marinara sauce all rolled up in dough and served with marinara for dipping. All that, and it was just $5.29!

Needless to say, this wasn’t a light lunch! The pizza was delicious. I order the “solo” size Traffic specialty pizza, which was loaded with salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, olives, onions and green peppers. The toppings were fresh and its was cooked to perfection. Usually, I’m not a crust person, but because the toppings came practically all the way to the edge, it was hard not to eat every last bite!

Pizza Boys Plus offers ten specialty pizzas, all with musically themed names, like the Meaty Ted Nugent, the Black Magic Woman and the Proud Mary. You can also pick your own toppings, including four different types of sauce! They advertise that the dough and the sauces are homemade and they taste like it.

I assume the place is called Pizza Boys Plus because they also offer specialty burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, chicken strips, wings, salads and even milkshakes! Wow, what took me so long to discover this place?!?!

Pros: Cheese sticks from heaven!, great pizza, four pizza sauce options(!), fast service, FREE delivery (with five miles), lots of variety on the menu

Cons: Limited seating, should offer more by-the-slice options

Download Pizza Boys Plus’ menu: Page 1, Page 2

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